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What Sticks

After Stringy Thingy, a 7″ single, here comes Borka’s debut EP. What Sticks is a versatile eight track collection, done with an “old to the new” ethic. Both contemporary synthesized clichés and old school samples are pasted together, revealing Borka’s strong affinity to hip hop beats. The EP also features a new version of the Stringy Thingy remix by Croatia’s finest Josip Klobučar.

The album is out on basically all digital distribution platforms, and you can also have have a listen just below these words. But for those, old school souls, that understand why it is important to have a real-life, music artifact, as a very limited run, we also offer the EP in rx:tx’s signature die-cut packaging . The latter one is hard to spot in the stores, but you can try to get it on our Bandcamp, which ships Worldwide.

Mastering by Gregor Zemljic
Design by Multipraktik