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Announcing: Splinta – The Splinta Experience

The Splinta Experience was made entirely by hand. And a foot. The record is the result of Splinta’s turntable tricks and layering. It’s simply drumming and scratching arranged on the fly with a loop pedal, with added effects from a basic, pocket-size bass module. Low in fidelity and high in humming, buzzing and hissing. No […]

Announcing: Sunnysun – Sunstrumental

Sunstrumental is a double single of two neck breakin’, raw, dirty, MPC cuts. It’s a nod to the boom-bap school but at the same time also breaks that dogma with fresh current details. Instrumentals that many MCs would love to jump on but it’s even better they didn’t. Sunstrumental is the first solo vinyl release […]

Announcing: Matter – Mrk

“Matter […] is the most controversial music phenomenon on the Slovenian music scene since the outbreak of punk rock in the late seventies. Are we witnessing a surrealistic masterpiece, absurdist, nihilistic commentary on the reality surrounding the trio, or just plain hipster fooling around, full of internal jokes and style identities? In any case, their […]