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rxtxcd025 Jimmy Barka Experience - Stolen Boats
rxtxv005 - Glow 7-inch mid size (8) 856
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FULGEANCE-step-thru-remix 720
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rxtxv005 - Glow 7-inch mid size (8) 856

Announcing: Glow by Žiga Murko

Out on 23. Oct 2015 in 7″ and extended digital format! Murko’s Glow radiates the warmth of a smoky past; the noise and distortion of magnetic tapes and dusty record needles; soul, jazz and hip hop fragments brewed in a distinct lo-fi blend. The EP is a jazz musician’s hommage to (and an archaeology of) the […]


rx:tx announcing 2 new 12″s

Here at rx:tx we are stoked to finnaly announce 2 new releases! The first one comming out on 23. Feb. will be a remix project of tracks from Oknai’s excellent High Tide album. The remixers are: Free the Robots, Pixelord, Some1Else, Moz and Borka. And soon thereafter the first EP by Pavemental, a project titled […]

rxtx ment ozji

rx:tx night @ Ment Fest

We are proud to be host an rx:tx night at the MENT Ljubljana Festival. The headliner will be Dorian Concept, who will perform as a newly-established trio. The evening will also feature a performance by Jimmy Pe, one of the most interesting Slovak producers, as well as Octex and his new project Pavemental, whose EP Streeteepy is ready and waiting […]