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Ain’t a Dream by Oknai

After Sampler 2011”, a sneak preview of current Slovenian sonic efforts, rx:tx presents the first in a series of EPs.
This one comes from the Oknai, a representative of younger generation of Slovenian beatmakers. Oknai got his rep mostly from his chopped up Ableton live sets, often referred to as clip chop.
His first EP is a record of raw, lo-fi drums, sometimes dreamy other times aggressive synths, sampled fragments from all over the place and unique arrangements all tucked someplace between glitchop, hiphop, IDM and the other…


It struck me while listening to the wonky “Subtropic Experience” that Mandic and Eliot Lipp could easily be seen as kindred spirits, so anyone who’s cottoned to the slinky boombap Lipp’s issued under his own name (Tacoma Mockingbird, The Outside, and Peace Love Weed 3D) or with Leo 123 as part of Dark Party (Light Years) should definitely check out Oknai, too.

Ain’t a Dream kraljuje v detajlih svojega glitch-mikrokozmosa in obenem prikazuje, kako suvereno pravzaprav Mandić drži produkcijske vajeti v svojih rokah, tako tehnične kot idejne. Nova presenečenja se razkrivajo tako rekoč iz sekunde v sekundo; tok zveriženih informacij, s katerimi obstreljuje posluÅ¡alca, brzi tako hitro, da večkratno zaporedno posluÅ¡anje albuma postane nekakÅ¡na HD mrzlica: bolj se osredotočaÅ¡ na posamezne ritmične prvine, bolj si potopljen v Oknaievo lastno panoramo.

Gotta love pretty looking minimalist album artwork. Little suggestion to the indie artists (or really any artists, really) out there – presentation matters.

I hear a lot of Prefuse73, distant echoes of ‘classic’ Dubstep, and a level of effrontery, production-wise, that reminds me of Shlohmo’s 2009 ‘Beat CD’ (which I liked a lot). Dope set, make sure to have the name Oknai on your list!

Some very beautiful CD packaging was recently sent to me from the RX:TX label in Ljubijana, Slovenia. It’s a tri-panel CD pack with die-cut windows that show through various layers of card to reveal parts of the CD disc inside as the only colour.

When it comes to beats of the future or wonky et al variety Eastern Europe is killing it! … Take one of our recent discoveries rx:tx for example. Dig a little deeper and you come across standout artists like Oknai.

Brand new EP by Slovenian artist oknai, this was pointed out by my man Himuro. A great future beats album! I’m recommending to check this one out, if you don’t already know oknai, you’re in for a treat! replica cheap

What can i say about this E.P… I got it and you don’t “LOL” … but it really gave me a fresh ear on whats out their at the moment with electronic beats combined with lo fi drums…

â„— 2011 rx:tx

All tracks written by: Oknai / Janko Mandic
Edition editor: Borja Mocnik
Mastering by: Gregor Zemljic (
Design: Multipraktik (
Photo: Rob Bootle (
Editor at large: Marko Peljhan