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Errorist has been producing electro acoustic ambient music for a number of years. When making music, he uses electronic interferences as well as acoustic instruments, which upon additional processing leads to an interesting mixture consisting of ambient and drone elements as well as post-folk and psychedelic tunes, sometimes seasoned with crackling electronic rhythms and home-made percussions. He has so far released two products on K4 club compilations (K4 Format), and this year his first album, Hovercraft, will be released by rx:tx. Lately he has been performing live together with VJ Dot (Jure Legac), presenting the ‘Errorworld’, an audio-visual world of audio and visual errors, combining live into an integrated totality. Their performance is based on improvisation using “live looping” of synthesizer sounds and various effects, but without previously prepared samples. Each performance thus offers something new, as it enables the creation of multi-layered sound and visual materials while the audience are watching and listening. /