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WoO is an experimental guitarist, sound artist and producer from Serbia’s capitol, Belgrade. Using electric guitar as a receiver of different frequencies, that various devices transmit into the air, Wo0 creates a spectrum of sounds not usually related to the sound of electric guitar. With his roots in rock, noise and generaly free music, he […]

Puna Syndicate

Puna Syndicate – a new project force on the Slovenian experimental electronic scene – are Miha Klemencic (also of Random Logic) and Tomaz Sustar (who, under the moniker Jadviga, released the album Nonim for the rx:tx label). Randomly collecting samples from old vinyl collections and re-defining them within the context of old school funk and […]

Sound Meccano

Rostislav Rekuta initially issued releases as Neuron Communication (1999-2000) and he produced the Digits Throw album in 2000. Since 2001 he has been working as Sound Meccano and experimenting with electronic, electro-acoustic, and acoustic instrument interferences. Sound Meccano also hosts a weekly radio show featuring new music on NABA 96.2 FM (in collaboration with DW), […]


British artist Robin Rimbaud traverses the experimental terrain between sound, space, image and form, creating absorbing, multi-layered sound pieces that twist technology in unconventional ways. From his early controversial work using found mobile phone conversations, through to his focus on trawling the hidden noise of the modern metropolis as the symbol of the place where […]

Random Logic

Random Logic alias Gregor Zemljic & Miha Klemencic are the longest established stars of the Slovene minimal music scene. They have released tracks under numerous names for projects such as Anorak, Jeremdam, Paldrame, Tadpole, Amderma, Savinto, Medvedek Robotek and their discography with these projects is already impressive. Labels they have released for include Communiqué, The […]