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Sunnysun – Sunstrumental

Sunstrumental is a double single of two neck breakin’, raw, dirty, MPC cuts. It’s a nod to the boom-bap school but at the same time also breaks that dogma with fresh current details. Instrumentals that many MCs would love to jump on but it’s even better they didn’t.

Sunstrumental is the first solo vinyl release by Sunnysun, but expect this to be just the beginning of what is to yet to come. Sunny is an all-round player: established as an MC (Croatian Freestyle Vice-Champion), he lately shifted his focus more on studio work and DJing. He created the first mixtape of exclusively Slovenian rap music Selotejp, his beats underline the lyrics of numerous MCs and appear on compilations like Stiropor, Ctrl N and BTF x rx:tx. All in all, an unorthodox whiz never afraid of gazing into different directions, never limiting himself to just one side of hip hop. Truly one of the key players, linking the various Clans, Posses, Crews and Cliks.

Release date: 10. November 2017

Music: Sunnysun
Mastering: Gregor Zemljič
A&R: Borja Močnik
Editor-at-large: Marko Peljhan
This&that: Uroš Veber
Ilustration & design: Jurij Lozić
Sleeve print: Riso Paradiso