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Stolen Boats

rxtxcd025 Jimmy Barka Experience - Stolen Boats

Jimmy Barka Experience is a rhythmic tour de force, a trio of two DJs and a drummer. After the release of their Old News mixtape and an extensive amount of gigs, the group made a record with a shift from their previous endeavours.

The basic principle remains the same: a collage full of unpredictable turns, and a colourful mix of styles from funk, breaks, afro and hiphop to Turkish psych and Balksploitation. The music is still a 100% result of live tinkering, playing over and over and over again. And the tracks come about by playing, performing; they evolve, change, they’re kneaded and polished.

But this time the arrangements are shorter, with intros, climaxes and outros, even with a chorus here and there. They seem closer to the common song structure, something that a “proper” band, and not a bunch of sample thieves, would produce.

Stolen Boats CD comes in a hand stitched cover, printed with an old school Riso printer. One that was made in the 80s and has 3 million prints to its name, so literary old school.