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Glow by Žiga Murko

rxtxv005 - Glow 7-inch mid size (8) 856

Out on 23. Oct 2015 in 7″ and extended digital format!

Murko’s new Glow EP radiates the warmth of a smoky past; the noise and distortion of magnetic tapes and dusty record needles; soul, jazz and hip hop fragments brewed in a distinct lo-fi blend, The EP is a jazz musician’s hommage to (and an archaeology of) the slow soul jam era of the 70s and 80s. At the same time it is also an anachronistic production tools workout and a jazzy tribute (co)created with VCRs, cassette decks and MPCs.
All hail the hiss!

A short preview here:

All hail the hiss!

Pre-orders already available on our Bandcamp page.