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2011 Sampler

This is the 2011 sampler by the rx:tx label, which has been active in the fields of different electronic tweaking for the last ten years or so. It was established to promote local artists from the region, mostly from Slovenia and with our recent renovation, the recruitment of new, younger artists and some older cats too, a new page has been turned for rx:tx. But before we start the show we wanted to reflect the current sonic efforts, regardless of the specific genres in which they dwell. So this issue is not really a compilation of a certain style, sound or scene, but a showcase of the diverse practices of active Slovenian beatmakers and a sneak preview of things to come. The beat goes on…

01. Dpek – I Go Sunshine
02. Borka – Monkeey Business
03. Pavemental – No Comply
04. Oknai – Myrth
05. Some1Else – Harmful Vials
06. Wanda & Nova deViator – Histrionics of Love
07. BeatMyth – Dubbb
08. Jovan – Raymond Tribute
09. 8Bitch – Glass Diamonds
10. Yanoosh – Spit
11. The SunQuake – Inner Morning
12. Errorist – Madsen
13. Ago Tela – Ela

â„— 2011 rx:tx
Published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence