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Announcing: Matter – Mrk

“Matter […] is the most controversial music phenomenon on the Slovenian music scene since the outbreak of punk rock in the late seventies. Are we witnessing a surrealistic masterpiece, absurdist, nihilistic commentary on the reality surrounding the trio, or just plain hipster fooling around, full of internal jokes and style identities? In any case, their inventive playing with the rhythm and sound of words, the oddity of the laidback dialogue between MC’s Dacho and Tunja, blended with the left-field beats production of Levanael and Dacho, is altering listeners’ states of mind in new dimensions and having a magnetic effect on an increasingly broader circle of young audiences. And that’s what matters.”
[Ment festival]

Mrk (meaning: Eclipse) is the sophomore album by Matter, a controversial Slovenian (anti) hip-hop trio, that was the talk of their home music scenes over the last year and a half. On their new release the lyrics remain as cryptic as they were on the first one (Amphibios). Catchy punchlines in surreal combinations combined with distinctive street argot. A roller-coaster ride of references ranging from trashy TV shows to obscure and impenetrable suburban stories and ventures.

Even though Matter frequently get categorised as a hip hop act, once could easily suspect that the band’s affinity might lie as much in rap as in house and techno. The beats on Mrk are often even darker and more stripped down than on their first album, following the “less is more” principle. The mood which permeates the release was described by the band with impressions of a desolate city just before the crack of dawn. After a long night of partying, a sore body wonders the desolate streets with a scattered and exhausted mind. These murky underpinnings get only partially disrupted mid-album on track Mana, where the album features a collaboration with another Slovenian critic’s favourite, the psychedelic pop band persons from porlock.

Lyrics and vocals: Dario Nožič Serini (Dacho), Matej Tunja (Tunja)
Music: Dacho, Levanael
Mix & Mastering: Gregor Zemljič

Track Mana music & lyrics: persons from porlock (Nikolaj Mulej, Martin Pavlovec, Gregor Bajc, Vasja Onič) & Matter, Mana was replica montblanc fried at Studio Friteza

Editor-at-large: Marko Peljhan
rx:tx: Borja Močnik & Uroš Veber
Design: Multipraktik