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Josip Klobučar

Josip Klobučar is a veteran and pioneer of the tiny Zagreb beats scene. He has released music for 4lux, Eklektik Records and Svetlana Industries. He has worked on various projects and collaborated with artists such as Teebs & Jackhigh, Yoggione, Fulgeance, Yannah Valdevit … He’s also known for his carefully crafted, elaborate and lucid live […]

Jimmy Barka Experience

Jimmy Barka Experience is a rhythmic tour de force, a trio of two DJs and a drummer. Though the members of Jimmy Barka Experience are coming from different music backgrounds (Stanić is more into ethno and jazz), they have found a bond in combining live drumming with electronic samples and turntablism. What comes out are […]


What happens if you mix altered states of mind and high-school imagery, philosophy and street life, left-field hip hop and the melancholy for all the lost raves? Matter – an anomaly, a surreal dystopian (boy)band, with two MCs laying cloudy mysticism over left-field beats. A trio hailing from a small Slovenian town underneath the Alps, […]

Žiga Murko

Over the last few years the trombonist and composer of jazz tunes, Žiga Murko, became one of the most active beatmakers we have ever seen. Murko keeps fusing the hip-hop production mentality with the sad wail of a lost saxophone and the electric spectacle of the nightly club scene. Often adding a pinch of tape […]


Pavemental (Jernej Marusic) is a new name of a seasoned artist. who has been releasing music since the late 90s and is best known for his work under the experimental-dub-techno moniker Octex. Jernej is now back and taking up Pavemental as a new alias for his new beats and hip hop driven concept.


Spinning records for more than 10 years now. Started with breaks but now it’s a bit more hectic. Some call it freestyle, Borka says a mixture of funk, soul, hiphop, beats, breaks and more. He is best know by Tetkine radosti, a series of mix collages and club nights of old Yugoslav music (mostly 60s […]


Octex’s (aka Jernej Marusic) musical path started in late 90s, when he fell in love with the sound of old analog synthesizers and started conducting Organic Crackle and Tone EXperiments (Octex). His debut album Idei Laehsna (Tehnika records, 2002) received high praises from both critics and the public and got proclaimed as one of the […]


Errorist has been producing electro acoustic ambient music for a number of years. When making music, he uses electronic interferences as well as acoustic instruments, which upon additional processing leads to an interesting mixture consisting of ambient and drone elements as well as post-folk and psychedelic tunes, sometimes seasoned with crackling electronic rhythms and home-made […]


By experimenting and searching for new guidelines in music, he began producing music for film, theatre and advertising. In 2003 he was chosen at the worldwide RedBull Music Academy call as the first Slovenian music producer ever, and attended the training on music industry in South Africa. His unconventional approach, combinations of downtempo genre with […]